Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello Class !!

Look at me, I have my very own blog!!! This is very exciting,confusing, and I have No clue what I am doing!!! So here is a little info about me... I have been at RIC for two wonderful years now, majoring in Secondary Education with an English focus. Currently,I am trying to decide on a minor, most likely it will be a foreign language. I feel like I have enough on my plate this semester,so I will put my minor on hold for now. I live in South Kingstown,on a pond, with my boyfriend and my twentyplus pound cat!! I love to go fishing every day after school, it helps me unwind. I love to go see live shows, hiking, and sitting in my hammock with a great book, and football Sundays!! I also love hanging out with my family and friends, and let's not forget the love I have for Pumpkin ice coffee!!!! I am really exciting about taking FNED this semester. I think it will really shape who we are not only as students but as future educators. I look forward to working with the students at Asa Messer and Nathan Bishop Middle school. Although, it will be challenging and demanding I think that this is an excellent opportunity for us, hopefully I will be saying the same thing next week... I'll keep you all posted... I almost forgot... Here is where you can find me.... Have a great weekend everyone !!! ~Karen